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Graduating from Victoria University in 1997 and admitted to the bar in 1998, Fiona’s career has given her a vast array of experience in different aspects of law however specialising in family, relationship property and lawyer for child.

Proud of being a founding partner of Denham Bramwell, Fiona believes that the firm has an inviting aura…

“We are not corporate to the point of being intimidating, but we are all extremely competent lawyers and

are passionate about what we do.”

Fiona is very committed to the welfare of children and children having an advocate, describing it as an unwavering passion.

If you instruct Fiona or anyone at Denham Bramwell to assist you with care arrangements for your child, the focus will be on the child as their needs can often get lost in the system. Decisions needs to be based around their needs, not the adults. Fiona has a great ability to walk parents through what is going to happen and helping them to refocus back on the most important issues.

“We will make sure whatever the issues, we will bring it back to the child’s welfare and best interests.”

Fiona is very experienced in all aspects of relationship property and is able to advise pragmatic ways forward to ensure that such matters are dealt with amicable and expediently.

Personally Fiona has served 6 years on her son’s school Board of Trustees, all of these as the Chairperson. Such is her way of making a contribution to her son’s education and giving back to the community.