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Focus on … South Auckland

February 06, 2020

Some of the issues around practising law in South Auckland are ‘pretty challenging’ but lawyers are also being kept busy with the amount of development and expansion going on.

Manukau and the wider South Auckland area provides plentiful work for criminal barristers. The District Court is the busiest in the country, but the continual expansion due to Auckland’s extraordinary growth means plenty of work for lawyers in other fields.

One Manukau-based firm, Denham Bramwell, does the whole gamut of suburban legal work: family, property, conveyancing and commercial work as well as civil litigation and employment matters.

Amy McCormick, a solicitor on the firm’s family team, says, like many suburban and provincial areas, there’s a diverse range of work to attend to.

“Having a broad firm means that our clients can come along to resolve a few of their matters at the same time. And it’s a diverse, large area. It’s farming areas going all the way through to the city so there’s a range of clients with a broad range of matters.

“It does seem like a whole different place to Auckland; there’s something about the South Auckland legal community that’s nice. We have a really collegial bar: it’s a nice, collegial place to work.

“The issues that some of our clients face are pretty challenging, there’s a huge diversity, huge socio-economic issues so it’s good to be in a place where everyone gets that and works together.”

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