Sale and Purchase of Residential Property

Sale and Purchase of Commercial Property


Financing and Securities


Unit Titles and Cross Leases

Easements and Land Covenants


Property law covers a wide range of services; and it’s often dealing with processes that have become routine. Transactions that are slightly out of the ordinary can trip people up which is why it’s good to have systems in place and experienced people managing the process.

Our property team is experienced in all facets of property law.

We’ve got an experienced team, we’re priced competitively and we are able to successfully deal with the most difficult transactions. That’s why people come to us.

We have good contacts with banks, brokers, accountants and finance companies; a network that we make use of for the benefit of our clients. We also have relationships with the right people in councils, agencies and the like, that help us to get through the red tape.

“Success and risk go hand in hand – it’s our role to assist our clients in achieving success by the timely identification of risk and the development of strategies to mitigate that risk.”

Rely on us to give you practical advice without confusion that will assist you in avoiding problems and pitfalls.


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